Anxiety & Being U

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 7 of our B.U. Network Podcast.

In this episode, Joe “Dr Energy” & Kathryn “RaRa” Asaro, along with our guest, Gloria Pierre, President – Clearly Speaking, discuss anxiety…

Gloria Pierre, President of Clearly Speaking, developed 12 effective, interactive communication programs to empower clients to command attention and respect by expressing themselves more clearly, more confidently and more concisely.  

Gloria has coached people who presented at the White House in Washington, spoke at Air Canada Centre and presented at the UN. 

She has spoken at conferences and events in the Canada, US, The West Indies and South America. 

She wrote six books, (K)New Words, ABC’s Of Networking, ABC For Speakers & Presenters, ABC For The Workplace, An English Guide to Pronunciation and Mispronounced & Misunderstood. She has appeared on Breakfast Television, Global TV, Omni TV and New Canadians TV and was profiled in Metro newspaper, radio, The Star Business Club and quoted in Cosmopolitan Magazine. 

Gloria is doing what she is passionate about and intends to change your awareness of communication as a personal marketing tool.

Connect with Gloria Pierre here:


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