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Welcome back to Season 2: Episode 8!

This week we interview an amazing, passionate Network Marketing Professional, Donna Sylvester. Donna has written a book – “Deal Your Own Cards:  10 Skills to Build a Winning Hand” – to help new, and experienced, network marketing professionals create a successful business and team.

Donna Sylvester is a passionate and committed network marketing professional.

Her professional work began in the Army Nurse Corps. After 22 years she retired, moved to Denver and entered the civilian job market.  At the age of 62, her job was eliminated.  She began looking for alternatives other than a 9-5 office job or work in healthcare. She made a bold move! When most of her peers were retiring, she entered the network marketing industry and decided to become an entrepreneur.

Donna discovered SendOutCards in 2010 as a follow up tool for her first network marketing business.

Now with 9 years of experience—and almost 10,000 cards sent–under her belt, she published a book, “Deal Your Own Cards:  10 Skills to Build a Winning Hand”.  This book takes hundreds of hours of personal development and boils it down to a simple guide to help new Affiliates get started with SendOutCards. While primarily written for SendOutCards, her book is a great resource for anyone in network marketing.

Donna is stepping out to an even greater presence with her book as she helps hundreds—maybe thousands—get their businesses off the ground.

Connect with Donna:
Book website: Deal Your Own Cards
Book on Amazon
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