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Giovanna Capozza is a self-mastery and spiritual mentor, teacher and an award-winning inspirational speaker. The main focus of her work is as a transformational relationship coaching for career driven women, writing, and hosting the She Rises Podcast. Giovanna works with women, who are career driven go getters and seem to have everything figured out professionally but are still seeking a deep sense of fulfillment in their relationships. Giovanna believes that when we can learn to evolve both in and out of our relationships we can become truly conscious and ultimately satisfied, safe and satiety by love!

Trained as both an alternative and energy medicine doctor, coach and a spiritual teacher, Giovanna is a self-professed “nerdy spiritual girl” and committed life-long learner. She considers herself a modern-day medicine woman blending the science of deep healing with a dose of ‘practical magic’ to cure the ailing heart.

Always one to shake things up, in 2018 Giovanna co-hosted the Thirsty Soul women’s spiritual retreat through an earthquake! An experienced and adventurous traveler, Giovanna is a student of the world, a storyteller and a lover of life. Stay tuned for her debut memoir: Lovesick: Confessions of a Love Junkie out in late 2020

Connect with Giovanna here:
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