Unveiling Life’s Mysteries: Jacob Eapen’s Journey to Self-Discovery

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and fulfillment with author Jacob Eapen, as he shares his insights on the quest to make sense of life experiences. In this illuminating episode of The BU Network, explore how Jacob’s personal exploration, spanning from 1986 to the present, led to the creation of his transformative book, “Mirror Mirror, Tell Me Who I Am.”

🌟 Key Insights:
– Gain a deeper understanding of life as a continuous quest for self-awareness and fulfillment.
– Hear about Jacob’s personal journey that inspired the writing of “Mirror Mirror, Tell Me Who I Am” in 2007.
– Learn how multiple life teardowns and rebuilds became the catalyst for Jacob’s realization that he holds the power to create and change his own experiences.
– Discover the profound impact of self-reflection on Jacob’s understanding of life, purpose, and the ability to shape one’s destiny.

📘 Jacob’s Book:
Explore “Mirror Mirror, Tell Me Who I Am,” a poignant exploration of life’s intricacies and a guide to self-discovery.

💡 Jacob’s Mission:
Dedicated to helping others make sense of their life experiences, Jacob Eapen’s purpose is to guide individuals towards joy and fulfillment.

🔗 Connect with Jacob Eapen:
Visit his website: www.newcompasspoint.com for valuable resources and updates.

Join us on The BU Network for an inspiring conversation with Jacob Eapen, where the pursuit of self-awareness becomes a gateway to joy, fulfillment, and a life rich in purpose.

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