How to Write a Picture Book Children Will Love (and Parents Wil Buy) with Miriam Laundry: Author, Speaker, and Guinness World Record Holder

Unlock the secrets to empowering yourself and making a positive impact with Miriam Laundry, a renowned speaker and bestselling author. In this episode of The BU Network, we delve into Miriam’s inspiring journey, from setting a Guinness World Record for the largest online book discussion to earning prestigious awards for her books.

🌟 Key Highlights:
– Discover Miriam’s empowering books: “I CAN Believe in Myself,” “I CAN Make a Difference,” and “I CAN Be Me.”
– Learn about her collaboration with Jack Canfield on “The Big, Bad Bully.”
– Explore Miriam’s Guinness World Record achievement on May 7, 2014, promoting positive mental health through a massive online book discussion involving over 100,000 participants.
– Gain insights into Miriam’s successful navigation of the publishing world and her mission to mentor aspiring authors.

📚 Miriam’s Award-Winning Books:
Miriam’s books, including “I CAN Believe in Myself,” have garnered prestigious accolades such as Mom’s Choice and Readers Favorite International awards.

🔗 Connect with Miriam:
– Explore Miriam’s website for valuable resources and updates.
– Follow her on Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter for daily inspiration and behind-the-scenes glimpses.
– Dive into Miriam’s empowering books available on Amazon.

Whether you’re an aspiring author or someone seeking inspiration for positive change, this episode is your guide to unlocking your full potential. Join us on The BU Network as Miriam Laundry shares her wisdom and passion for making a difference in the world.

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