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This week, www.B-U.Network Podcast proudly presents author and educator Rebecca Cuevas.

“[Mother Rebecca reserves the right to take whatever liberties she likes with the space-time continuum…Mother Rebecca is prone to exaggeration and has been known to bend the ‘facts’ in the service of telling a story. Consider yourself warned.]”

-Rebecca Frost Cuevas,
“Hello World: Meet Mother Rebecca; The autobiography of a fictional Victorian know-it-all”

Rebecca Frost Cuevas, founder and CEO of Learn and Get Smarter, Inc., is a leading online learning education consultant and trainer for experts and entrepreneurs. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Harvard University, as well as two master’s degrees in education. Her first master’s, from Wheelock College Graduate School, is in curriculum design and development. Her second, from California State University, San Bernardino, is in instructional technology.

For fifteen years, Rebecca designed and delivered award-winning education programs for public utilities in Southern California, impacting over 150,000 students with hands-on learning experiences relating to water and energy conservation.

Her proprietary research-based Course Design Formula® helps experts and entrepreneurs create effective and engaging online courses that really deliver the transformations they promise.

When not designing online courses, Rebecca enjoys making up stories about Mother Rebecca, a 200-year-old fictional Victorian know-it-all, who provides gracious solutions to life’s perplexing problems. To learn more about Mother Rebecca, read her fictional autobiography on Amazon:

Learn about Rebecca’s products and services at or contact her directly at

Connect with Rebecca here:
Learn and Get Smarter website
The Course Design Formula Master Course
Author Page on Amazon
Ask Mother Rebecca

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