Authors – Rodrigo Diaz

“When you look at something impossible, in any area of your life, it’s not that you cannot do it; it’s just that you don’t know how…not yet, at least.”

Born and raised in Mexico City, Rodrigo Diaz is now living in Canada. He has always been fascinated by the psychology behind magic. 

Rodrigo is now studying how to apply the concept of making the impossible, possible. He is studying how to apply concepts from Neuroscience, Spirituality and Quantum Physics in our daily lives and live life from the highest version of ourselves.

Rodrigo is an author looking to empower your journey of self development. He is now in pursuit of helping others realize they already have everything they need to start living their dream life.

Link to purchase Rodrigo’s book on Amazon (we are not an affiliate)

Connect with Rodrigo on Instagram: @sleight_of_mind

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