Authors – James Muir

James Muir is the founder and CEO of Best Practice International and the bestselling author of the #1 book on closing sales – The Perfect Close.  James is a 30-year veteran of sales having served in every role from individual contributor to Executive VP.  His mission – to make the complex simple.  James has extensive...Continue reading

Authors – Jacob Eapen

From the author: “All of life is a quest to make sense of one’s own life experiences, which leads us to greater understanding of ourselves and of life itself. Indeed all our life experiences mirror how we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us. The pursuit of happiness and satisfaction in one’s...Continue reading

Authors – Miriam Laundry

Miriam Laundry is a sought-after speaker at schools nationwide. She is the author of I CAN Believe in Myself, I CAN Make a Difference, and I CAN Be Me, and co-authored The Big, Bad Bully with Jack Canfield. She set a Guinness World Record on May 7, 2014 for the largest online book discussion in...

Authors – Dr Energy & RaRa

What could you create if you had a versatile, almost magical book that took all of your deepest dreams, goals, and ideas, and turned them into reality? What if this book not only had directions on how to do this, it also had space to write down those dreams, goals, and ideas? Join us this...Continue reading

Authors – Donna Sylvester

Welcome back to Season 2: Episode 8! This week we interview an amazing, passionate Network Marketing Professional, Donna Sylvester. Donna has written a book – “Deal Your Own Cards:  10 Skills to Build a Winning Hand” – to help new, and experienced, network marketing professionals create a successful business and team. Donna Sylvester is a...

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