Emily Milling – The Five People You Meet in…

Emily Milling is the founder of The Ultimate Creative, a podcast production company that helps entrepreneurs and creatives launch and growth their podcasts. She is also one fifth of a sketch comedy troupe called Big Chick Energy which is based in Toronto.    Emily is super passionate about all things audio, which stemmed from her...Continue reading

Sheryl Plouffe

Sheryl Plouffe is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and former Canadian TV broadcaster. She has been seen by millions over the course of her twenty-five-year career in news media, has produced thousands of videos, and has broadcast over 20,000 hours of live television. Sheryl lives and works in Ontario, Canada. Connect with Sheryl: Website: www.sherylplouffe.com TikTok:...Continue reading

Sherry Brier

Sherry Brier is a lifelong successful entrepreneur who is passionate about inspiring women to reach their highest potential. She is founder and director of WomenRockProject.com, the largest online video library of women’s wisdom to inspire, educate, and motivate. She is an inspirational speaker, female thought leader, international bestseller, and dance instructor, choreographer, company director and...Continue reading

Richard Morden

RIchard is a Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (Tapping) Practitioner, Certified Emotional Success Coach, Body Talk Access, Limbic Arc, and Positive Prime practitioner, supporting people with Phobia’s, Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Empowering Divorced Women to step into their power. Everyone’s situation is unique so I use a variety of ways to facilitate them with...Continue reading

Debbie VanGrieken

Debbie VanGrieken is the owner and CEO of Moyaa Shea Products Ltd. As a social enterprise Moyaa is committed to producing the highest quality of Premium Organic, Grade A Shea Butter,  for people dealing with skin issues, from simple dryness to painful eczema and skin irritations. Using the framework of Fair Trade and introducing a...Continue reading

Miguel Ribeiro

Miguel Ribeiro is an Award-Winning business owner and entrepreneur, founder of VBS IT Services. In 2007, the company was founded with a mission to simplify technology and bring enterprise level I.T. support service and solutions to small businesses. VBS is focused on helping small businesses operate at peak performance with agile innovative cloud technology systems...Continue reading

Kathy Barthel

“If you’re not repelling someone, you’re doin’ it wrong!” says Kathy Barthel, brand presence, video coach, and strategist at Take on the World. Kathy means you must own what makes you distinct and present it in a compelling way on video—even if not everyone likes it—confident that as you repel the wrong clients, you attract...Continue reading

Cathy Nesbitt

Simple solutions for today’s challenges. Worm composting for amending the soil, sprouts for eating, laughter for overall health and wellness and now Organo Gold, reishi mushroom infused coffee and tea. Vermicomposting is a great way to make the world’s best soil. Discover how worms convert organic matter into nature’s finest soil amendment known as castings....Continue reading

Marion Grobb Finkelstein

Marion Grobb Finkelstein is a woman on a mission – to help organizations create healthy and productive workplaces by creating healthy communications. Her interactive workshops and keynotes provide action-oriented strategies you can put to work NOW to better connect with others–even the difficult ones. When Marion speaks, you benefit from 30-plus years of communication experience,...Continue reading

Gary Hibbert

Gary Hibbert is a full-time Real Estate Investor, licensed and award-winning Real Estate Agent, Author, and Educator. In 2008, he made a decision that would be life-changing by purchasing his first investment property. Through hard work and dedication, Gary left the corporate world to become a full-time entrepreneur in 2014. Today, not only does he...

Jaime Verk & Katie Hamilton

Jaime or JLove as she’s adoringly called, brings 20+ years of experience in the healing arts field. She is a magnetic facilitator who delights in empowering others to manage their physical and mental health using a holistic approach. Jaime is a certified yoga, pilates & meditation teacher and self healing Coach. Jaime is also a...Continue reading

Nira Lall

Nira has been a Self-love Expert and Life Coach for highly sensitive Women for over 10 years. She uses deeply healing methodologies, leading edge coaching tools and the wisdom of ancient mysteries to help women heal past and present hurt so that they can beat overwhelm and stress. At one point, Nira’s life was collapsing...Continue reading

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