Bruce Mayhew

Bruce Mayhew is an innovative corporate trainer, keynote speaker and executive coach providing essential business communication skills to top companies and their employees. Bruce Mayhew Consulting customizes soft-skills and communication skills training specializing in areas like Leadership / New Leadership Development, Generational Differences, Email Etiquette, Conflict Resolution / Difficult Conversation training, Time Management and other...

Coco LaRain Veira

Born and Raised in Toronto, Canada, an 8th generation Canadian, Coco LaRain Veira is an award winning Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Executive /Life SKills Coach, and Singer on a mission to help people transform pain into power so they thrive no matter what. Coco started her motivational speaking career as a teenage mother when she was...Continue reading

Brandon Fong

Brandon Fong is a motivational speaker and paradigm shifter. He has discovered the 5 states of being that impact the level of success you have in your life.  Ten years ago, Brandon was diagnosed with brain cancer…and in this place of uncertainty…is where he discovered the Five states of Being. By understanding and mastering these...Continue reading

Kim Rossi

A veteran radio and TV host and journalist, Kim is now in the world of non-profit, raising money and brand awareness for Pathstone Mental Health, a children’s mental health organization in Niagara. When not chasing down funds, writing a press release or planning our signature event, she does tik tok videos with her 13 year...Continue reading

Gloria Pierre

Gloria Pierre started her business, Clearly Speaking, in 2000 because she didn’t know how to handle bullying in the workplace. She discovered then, through interviews, research and discussions that how you communicate is how you are treated and the communication is internal and external.  Since then, she has developed communication training to empower her clients...Continue reading

Melissa Verbyla-Strange

Melissa Verbyla-Strange | Transformational Lifestyle Coach, Healer, Raw food Chef, lifelong learner and seeker, came into this world with a soul agreement to help her family and the world to heal profoundly. Experience came through a lot of challenges to overcome including sexual, mental and emotional abuse, she managed to transform her deepest pains and...Continue reading

Juliet Dakpo

Juliet Dakpo My Motto: Be Excellent, Provide Value, Serve Others, Produce extraordinary results and Enjoy The Journey. Juliet Dakpo is Brand Strategist with a special focus on Personal Branding.  Juliet believes, that today’s consumer wants to have a personal interaction with businesses.  Juliet has been in the online marketing and advertising industry for over 15...Continue reading

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