DrEnergy & RaRa | The Pause & What it Does – Navigating Unscripted Moments

Episode Highlights: Introduction to the Episode: Theme: Embracing the unexpected and personal growth in content creation. Anecdote: “What we did when Llama jumped off the camera?” Key Discussions: Three-Day Content Creation Retreat: Communication Strategies: Finding Magic in Unscripted Moments: Personal Mantras: DrEnergy: “Make a wonderful experience for yourself, be the...Continue reading

Life, the Universe & Everything

Who are U Being in the do-ing? What messages might U find if you picked up a random book and turned topage 42? Give it a try…yoU might Be pleasantly surprised! —————————————————————– While many people seem to be ‘naturals’ at speaking and presenting, these are skills you can learn, and...Continue reading

Consistency & Communication

What does Consistency mean to yoU? from Merriam-Webster online: consistency noun con·​sis·​ten·​cy kən-ˈsi-stən(t)-sē plural consistencies 1a : agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole : correspondence The furnishings and decorations in all the rooms reflect a consistency of style. specifically : ability to be...Continue reading

Jaylala – Heart and Soul Tantra

Get ready to be inspired as we welcome Janice, the visionary founder of Heart and Soul Tantra, to our podcast. With a profound passion for healthy sexual education, consent-based relationships, and sexual sovereignty for all genders, Janice has embarked on a transformative 12-year journey. Janice’s diverse background spans sales, administration,...Continue reading

Dr Energy & RaRa | Connections, Relationships & Loyalty

How do you connect with other businesses? Or other people? How do build relationships? Who is in your “circle of We?” Where and with whom are you loyal? In business? In your day-to-day life? In E85, Connections, Relationships & Loyalty, we share some stories of creating connections, building relationships and...Continue reading

Dr Energy & RaRa | The Science of Small Talk

The Science of Small Talk – BUild Your Network Build the foundations of your network through small talk. Like the bricks of your home’s foundation, small talk, like one or two bricks, may not seem like much; when you gather 50, 90, or 150, then you are building something! These...

Dr Energy & RaRa – What scares you…?

Excited to Educate & Entertain Joe “Dr Energy” Piazza and Kathryn “RaRa” Asaro Mayers have always emphasized effective, practical, real life principles. We learn best when we experience and practice core principles. Whether you are presenting to one person, a small or large group, or an audience, if you’re not...Continue reading

50th Episode

We invite you to join us and all of our guests since Day One! Our goal is to entertain you, educate you, and have fun with you, and bring you to the other side. Cheers to our next 50, and many more! Ciao! Read it. Listen to it. Rate it....Continue reading

B.U. – Here & Now – Happy Birthday

April is the Month of Healing, Miracles and RaRa’s Birthday! We have additional Podcasts for you to hang out with us and listen to another Here & Now perspective. What do you want more than anything right now? We want to spread our intentions of Healing, Being Positive, remaining Focused...Continue reading

B.U. – Here & Now – Times of Change

April is the Month of Healing, Miracles and RaRa’s Birthday! This is a Special addition to B.U. Network Podcast Series and create more connection with you! What do you want more than anything right now? We want to spread our intentions of Healing, Being Positive, remaining Focused and Being right...Continue reading

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