Passion & Being U

Welcome to Season1, Episode2 of our B.U. Network Podcast. In this episode of B.U. Network Kathryn “RaRa” Asaro & Joe “Dr Energy” Piazza discuss some of our passions; how we found them, how they have helped us create our lives, and how to develop your passion. Often, we just need to start doing something…anything; then...Continue reading

Listening Connections and Relationships

Welcome to Season1, Episode1 of our B.U. Network Podcast.Kathryn “RaRa” Asaro & Joe “Dr Energy” Piazza discuss some of what you can expect to hear on this podcast. In this episode, we have fun, sharing a little background on who we are and where we are. We also give helpful hints on how to use...Continue reading

Welcome to B.U. Network Podcast

Welcome to B.U. Network Podcast – conversations worth having. What is B.U.? Simply put…Be yoU! Joe “Dr Energy”, and Kathryn “RaRa” share and discuss what it means, and how to, Be yoU. Join us - meet our guests – for conversations with relationship marketing specialists, marketers, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers/presenters, and more, to discover how to...Continue reading

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