Jaime Verk & Katie Hamilton

Jaime or JLove as she’s adoringly called, brings 20+ years of experience in the healing arts field. She is a magnetic facilitator who delights in empowering others to manage their physical and mental health using a holistic approach. Jaime is a certified yoga, pilates & meditation teacher and self healing Coach. Jaime is also a...Continue reading

Bruce Mayhew

Bruce Mayhew is an innovative corporate trainer, keynote speaker and executive coach providing essential business communication skills to top companies and their employees. Bruce Mayhew Consulting customizes soft-skills and communication skills training specializing in areas like Leadership / New Leadership Development, Generational Differences, Email Etiquette, Conflict Resolution / Difficult Conversation training, Time Management and other...

Melissa Calway

Melissa is a proud mother of two children and lives in Oakville, Ontario where she runs her own business. Melissa is the owner of Enspire Dental Opportunities Corp. – a full service recruitment and talent acquisition agency servicing dental professional nationwide. A visionary and entrepreneur with a strong flair for execution, Melissa has a vast...Continue reading

Gloria Pierre

Gloria Pierre started her business, Clearly Speaking, in 2000 because she didn’t know how to handle bullying in the workplace. She discovered then, through interviews, research and discussions that how you communicate is how you are treated and the communication is internal and external.  Since then, she has developed communication training to empower her clients...Continue reading

Dimitri McCreath

Dimitri is a self-described sports nomad and Registered Kinesiologist in Toronto, Ontario. Dimitri has worked with various demographics including seniors, the partially sighted/legally blind, cardiac and post stroke populations. With his clinical background, he worked alongside physiotherapists to treat pre/post operation clients as well as athletes. Shifting his focus to personal + group training Dimitri...Continue reading

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