Catherine Rannus – Be-Lightful

Catherine has been playing for live events just over 20 years now.  One of the things she is best known for is stripping back any kind of song and performing it in her own style – she even went all the way to Wales to play her version of Thunder’s “Love Walked In” for a bride to walk down the aisle!

Along with live performances (for online streamed events at the moment) she also creates bespoke Belightful® Music for business in the form of audio branding, musical idents, podcast themes, call-waiting music etc. And with the added effects of tuning to the Fibonacci sequence, whether you are using Belightful® Music for healing & relaxation or for business & podcasting, you can be sure of a wonderful feel-good factor!

Connect with Catherine:

Linked In: @catherinerannus
IG: @catherinerannusmusic
IG: @belightful_music
FB: @catherinerannusmusic
FB: @belightfulmusic
Tw: @catherinerannus

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Music: Purple Planet Music

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