Connor Suji Son

Suji son was born March 30, 1985 in Seoul, South Korea at 6:48pm. Many blessing had been given from the universe from having a very lucky childhood that little Suji had to fight for every moment to take ownership of his own life – that Sweet victory. Zero to Hero, nobody to somebody. His life is filled with fascinating life stories and how he managed to beautify this game called “Life”. 

Suji feels it’s very important to share his story and mainly his childhood of having no parents but adopted by his aunt and uncle until 17 years of age. Then how he became his own life giver by showing up in his life with courage. 

The real interesting story began when he got rejected to move to the USA after September 9/11, and then landed on his feet in Canada 12 years ago with no english and no money and nobody. Fastforward to current, he is being “called ” to become the leader of the healing arts as a Superhero and first ever pod cast gig as a non-english speaker of which it is something he is very proud. Suji’s mission is to heal the world as he sees it and feels it in Chiron’s way.

Connect with Suji:
Facebook: @connor.son, @supermuscletherapy
Instagram: @supermuscletherapy

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