Debbie VanGrieken

Debbie VanGrieken is the owner and CEO of Moyaa Shea Products Ltd.

As a social enterprise Moyaa is committed to producing the highest quality of Premium Organic, Grade A Shea Butter,  for people dealing with skin issues, from simple dryness to painful eczema and skin irritations.

Using the framework of Fair Trade and introducing a zero-waste program Moyaa strives to transform the lives of people in Uganda by ending the cycle of dependency for the farmers and their families. Moyaa sponsors girl’s education through their social impact program which has helped girls around the world  to attend school.

Moyaa has supported re-seeding programs and practices environmental stewardship both locally and in Uganda. Her recent purchase of a charcoal machine that takes agricultural waste and converts it to charcoal has employed up to 125 women in the rural communities of Northern Uganda.

Thinking Globally and acting locally is very important to Debbie so she volunteers and donates to service organizations and sponsors events in her community. Debbie travels to Uganda to work directly with the farmers and to ensure the integrity of her product and business.

Debbie is the mother of 5 sons and her second grandson is on his way.

Connect with Debbie:

MoyaaShea Butter website

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