Emily Milling – The Five People You Meet in…

Emily Milling is the founder of The Ultimate Creative, a podcast production company that helps entrepreneurs and creatives launch and growth their podcasts. She is also one fifth of a sketch comedy troupe called Big Chick Energy which is based in Toronto.

Emily is super passionate about all things audio, which stemmed from her childhood. Her mom taught her piano from an early age, which turned into a multi-instrumental, lifelong learning adventure.

She has composed musical scores for indie films that she produced with her partner Justin Decloux, has released dozens of comedy music videos, and takes every opportunity she can to make people laugh!

Her own podcast projects include Ultimate Podcast Marketing, a podcast about podcasting as well as The Hatch, an improv social podcast, Ya Gotta Laugh, an improv game podcast, VRMP Radio Presents: The Five People You Meet In Hell, a live radio play, and Her Name Is… a documentary style show about creative women in Toronto.

Connect with Emily:

IG: @the_ultimatecreative
IG: @bigchickenergysketch
IG: @emily.milling
YT: @The Ultimate Creative
YT: @Big Chick Energy Sketch
YT: @Emily Milling

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