B.U. with Excitement!

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 12 of our B.U. Network Podcast!

In this episode, join Joe “Dr Energy” Piazza & Kathryn “RaRa” Asaro, in a conversation worth having on excitement!

Buzz! Passion! Thrill! All of these are synonyms for Excitement.

What does excitement mean to you? Adventure? Furor? Fuss? Commotion? Passion?

In this episode Dr Energy & RaRa share some exciting experiences that embody all of these versions of the emotion of excitement. Harness the depth and richness of being aware of, acknowledging, and accepting that, as motivating as excitement can be, life requires commitment and perseverance to carry through on choices made after the “bloom is off the rose,” or when the excitement in which we made the choice fades.

Listen in as Dr Energy & RaRa examine a few strategies and share some resources and stories.

This is the final episode of Season 1: Emotions.

Stay tuned for Season 2: Authors. Coming soon!

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