Gloria Pierre

Gloria Pierre started her business, Clearly Speaking, in 2000 because she didn’t know how to handle bullying in the workplace. She discovered then, through interviews, research and discussions that how you communicate is how you are treated and the communication is internal and external.  Since then, she has developed communication training to empower her clients to be assertive and manage the impression they make.  She has written 6 books that complement her training. The last book is “ABC For The Workplace” and it was written to encourage employees of all ages to:

  1. Take ownership of their careers
  2. Understand and respect their coworkers and practise workplace etiquette
  3. Feel confident in handling all situations inherent in the workplace.

Gloria is passionate about giving each client the specific communication tools they need to present a stronger, more confident impression. 


Connect with Gloria:
Facebook: @clearlyspeaking

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