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Get ready to be inspired as we welcome Janice, the visionary founder of Heart and Soul Tantra, to our podcast. With a profound passion for healthy sexual education, consent-based relationships, and sexual sovereignty for all genders, Janice has embarked on a transformative 12-year journey.

Janice’s diverse background spans sales, administration, government positions, hospitality, artistry, jewelry making, belly dance instruction, and captivating performances. In the words of the iconic Gypsy Rose Lee, she embraces the essence of versatility itself.

However, it is Janice’s recent role as a mother and grandmother that has ignited an unwavering commitment within her. Fuelled by a profound determination, she fights tirelessly for a world where boys and girls can grow up free from trauma.

We are honored to have Janice grace our B.U. Network podcast, where her wisdom and advocacy will undoubtedly raise awareness and create a lasting, positive impact. Brace yourself for an enlightening and transformative Conversation Worth Having, as we join forces to inspire change.

Connect with Janice:

Website: Jaylala Tantra Coach
IG: @consciousvibrationshealing
Li: @jaylala
Fb: @heartandsoultantra
Tw: @Conscious_vibe
YT: @jaylala6338

While many people seem to be ‘naturals’ at speaking and presenting, these are skills you can learn, and when mastered, improve your business relationships, interpersonal communications, and negotiation skills.

A Conversation Worth Having on how we can connect more deeply with ourselves, our community, and, be of service to others.

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