Joel Mandelbaum

Joel Mandelbaum began his career at the age of 19, when – driven to build his own business – he started a Transportation company. Through hard work, dedication to exceptional customer service and leading-edge technology, the business evolved from a single-man courier company to providing trucking, logistics, air freight and warehousing services to some of North America’s largest and most respected companies. In 2005 his company won the “Business Excellence Award” by The Toronto Board of Trade.

In 2012, Joel sold his company to pursue his new passion, helping business owners win online. Today, as a #1 Bestselling Author, Strategic Technology Consultant, and stakeholder at multiple digital companies– his leadership, 25 years technology and business development experience, and passion – has been a driving force behind those company’s steep growth curves.

Joel’s focus is to help his clients disrupt their industry with unconventional approaches to solving their most important business challenges – using the power of unconventional marketing platforms and highly-effective communication strategies.

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