Kathy Barthel

“If you’re not repelling someone, you’re doin’ it wrong!” says Kathy Barthel, brand presence, video coach, and strategist at Take on the World.


Kathy means you must own what makes you distinct and present it in a compelling way on video—even if not everyone likes it—confident that as you repel the wrong clients, you attract (many more of) the right ones.


In addition to showing entrepreneurs and business leaders how to stand out on video, Kathy helps them see beyond the camera lens to connect with the person on the other side; and, deliver meaningful content to them. That way they harness the intimacy of video to build genuine, long-lasting client relationships that help their businesses thrive in our virtual world.


Kathy is a former TV host, TV producer, journalist, and interviewer with over 25 years’ experience creating content for major media outlets including CTV, CBC, YTV, MSN, HGTV, Rogers, and Slice.


She knows how to create a strong brand presence on camera; draw viewers in; and create an intimate, one-on-one relationship with them. She also knows that being on camera is not most business leaders’ idea of a good time, so she always makes it fun!


Connect with Kathy:

Website: Take on the World
LinkedIn: @kathybarthel
YouTube: @kathybarthel


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