Martin Ricketts

Martin is a serial entrepreneur, Founder of Unified Digital Solutions, Chief Technology Architect at Digital Samurai, and Master Instructor at Digital Ronin Apprentice. Martin has predicted and written about emerging technology for more than 30 years.

Martin believes strongly technology should be effortless to use and empower entrepreneurs with more mobility, time and financial freedom. Most recently Martin developed the Katana Digital Roadmap program, a technology “boot camp” that leverages advanced learning, AI and the latest tools & tactics.

Samurai constantly refined their craft and honed their skills over decades by focusing on efficient movement and precision. Martin integrated “Samurai thinking”, tactics practiced by Samurai for 1,200 years, into Digital Samurai creating an innovative program for entrepreneurs that leverages technology, digital marketing, and advanced learning techniques.

Connect with Martin & Digital Samurai:

Design Your Future
Content Bank Codec
The Doctrine of One
LinkedIn: @digitalsamurai
YouTube: Digital Samurai
Facebook: @DigitalSamurai
Instagram: @digitalsamuraistudio

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