Melissa Verbyla-Strange

Melissa Verbyla-Strange | Transformational Lifestyle Coach, Healer, Raw food Chef, lifelong learner and seeker, came into this world with a soul agreement to help her family and the world to heal profoundly.

Experience came through a lot of challenges to overcome including sexual, mental and emotional abuse, she managed to transform her deepest pains and beliefs about herself and the world through her determination to seek and strive for a better life and a better sense of learning to Be Herself. She saw a lot of physical pain and spiritual suffering through the  tragedies of others around her. She found hope through her connection to something bigger than herself, though not always well known, she took courage and will to strengthen her faith and love for the divine energies and sought out anything that brought her closer to this sense of connection, clarity and joy.

Transforming her pain using a multitude of Healing practices and learning various modalities while uniting the needs of the body with the power of the mind, she now coaches, guides and teaches others how to empower themselves and live their best lives with freedom, peace, joy and love.

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