Nira Lall

Nira has been a Self-love Expert and Life Coach for highly sensitive Women for over 10 years. She uses deeply healing methodologies, leading edge coaching tools and the wisdom of ancient mysteries to help women heal past and present hurt so that they can beat overwhelm and stress. At one point, Nira’s life was collapsing all around her. Her significant relationships were full of stress and her health was rapidly declining. As she worked with her emotions and limiting beliefs, she began to awaken into her deepest personal power. It’s Nira’s mission to help women reclaim true self-love authentic happiness. Nira has been featured on Hay House Radio, OMNI TV, DaytimeTO, The Local View Rogers TV, and more.

Connect with Nira:
IG: @niralall
Fb: @niralall
LI: @niralall

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