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Olivia never wanted to be an entrepreneur. She graduated from University with a Commerce degree and headed straight into corporate sales with the dream of working her way up the corporate ladder to CEO. With a short-lived 3 year 9-5 career her dream came true but not in the way she thought. Introduced to a entrepreneurial opportunity while working for a Fortune 500 company, Olivia quit her job without a long-term plan or a savings account and leaned on her belief in herself to get her through. Three years later after some self-discovery and experience, Olivia runs a successful social media agency focused on educating other business owners like herself on how to take ownership, put themselves out there, and grow their audience and business through social media marketing. Her laptop lifestyle allows her to train and meet with people all over North America while in her office or on a beach.

Connect with Olivia:
IG: @amplifiedsocial
FB: @amplifiedsocial
IG: @oliviacrane28

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