Paranoia and the Power to B.U.

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 4 of our B.U. Network Podcast.

In this episode, Joe “Dr Energy” & Kathryn “RaRa” Asaro, along with our guest, Colleen Lindberg, discuss paranoia…

Colleen Lindberg is a passionate speaker, trainer, facilitator, consultant, author and mentor.

She is also the girl that moved out at 17 years old and never looked back, even if it meant sleeping on friend’s couches, eating bags of Lays Chips for days and dreaming about success while riding the bus to 1 of her 3 jobs.

With her entrepreneurial spirit she started her first self-employed business at 17 years old (while still working 3 jobs) and has been running her consulting firm, CLC Consulting for the last 9 years. Her main focus in business right now is creating and enhancing team culture while setting up the right processes in your roles to get the most results, which are tightly aligned to having the right plan and goals in place for your business.

She is the author of the book “Change the Light Bulb: Habits and Choices to Create Success In All Aspects of Your Life”.

Colleen loves life and enjoys spending down time taking walks, playing with her animals and laughing. She truly believes that the more you know about yourself the better ammunition you have to create lasting success in all the areas that you want.

Connect with Colleen here:

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