Passion & Being U

Welcome to Season1, Episode2 of our B.U. Network Podcast.

In this episode of B.U. Network Kathryn “RaRa” Asaro & Joe “Dr Energy” Piazza discuss some of our passions; how we found them, how they have helped us create our lives, and how to develop your passion. Often, we just need to start doing something…anything; then we find, and develop, passion for that activity, dream, or job.

Has someone ever told you to “just follow your passion?” What does that even really mean? How, and where, in our life do we find our passion?

One of our mentors, Kody Bateman, says that “doubt will take you out of action, and action will take you out of doubt.”

When you find yourself doubting where you are, what you are doing, or who U are Being, take action! This will help you shift: your perspective, your thoughts, and yes, even more actions.

In this episode, we discuss some of our passions in relation to:

  • the definition/meaning of passion
  • when in life do you develop your passions?
  • integrating passion with your daily life
  • does passion come before action, or can you get into action and develop a passion for something?
  • the inspirational power of sharing your story with others

Here is the link to the YouTube video we mention: Terri Trespicio: Stop Searching for Your Passion

Make sure you listen for the “hidden audible/sound.” If you have an idea for this part of our show, please send us an email with your suggestion!

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