PODCAST Guest Information

All the steps, information, directions and links you need to be our guest. Make sure to bookmark this page in case you need to come back here.

1. Pre-Show Review

Click here to book a Podcast Support time in our calendar so we can help you prepare for the show.

We are here to help you sound your best!

2. Book Your Date

Click here to Book Your Preferred Podcast Guest Recording Date on our Calendar.

We generally record on Tuesdays at 10am ET.

3. Guest Information/Bio/Publicity

Click here for a form where you can enter all of your relevant Podcast Guest Information, including social media, guest photo and websites.

This will be used as your episode introduction and included in the show notes when we publish your episode.

4. BU Podcast Episodes

Listen to some of our Podcasts. Get a feel for the flow of our shows.

Be at ease with the process when you join us to record, or go live.

5. Podcast Guest Checklist

Coming soon.

Click here for our Podcast Checklist to make sure you are ready to go and sound your best!

6. Show Assets

Coming soon.

Feel free to download any of our B.U. Podcast graphics to use in promoting your appearance on our show.

Please use them “as is.”

Thank you for sharing.


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