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Joe “Dr Energy”, and Kathryn “RaRa” share Conversations Worth Having; discussing what it means, and how to, Be yoU.

Join us - meet our guests – for conversations with relationship marketing specialists, marketers, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers/presenters, and more, to discover how to Be yoUr authentic self, and the Best yoU possible.

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DrEnergy & RaRa | The Pause & What it Does – Navigating Unscripted Moments

Episode Highlights: Introduction to the Episode: Theme: Embracing the unexpected and personal growth in content creation. Anecdote: “What we did when Llama jumped off the camera?” Key Discussions: Three-Day Content Creation Retreat: Communication Strategies: Finding Magic in Unscripted Moments: Personal Mantras: DrEnergy: “Make a wonderful experience for yourself, be the...Continue reading

Rani Glick – Grounding Wellness & Stress Management

Welcome to “Conversations Worth Having” on The BU Network. In this enlightening podcast episode, we’re joined by Rani Glick from Rani Glick Wellness. Join charismatic hosts Kathryn Asaro Mayers (RaRa) and Joe (DrEnergy) Piazza and dive into the depths of holistic health and alternative healing techniques. Jump into the world...Continue reading

Life, the Universe & Everything

Who are U Being in the do-ing? What messages might U find if you picked up a random book and turned topage 42? Give it a try…yoU might Be pleasantly surprised! —————————————————————– While many people seem to be ‘naturals’ at speaking and presenting, these are skills you can learn, and...Continue reading

Consistency & Communication

What does Consistency mean to yoU? from Merriam-Webster online: consistency noun con·​sis·​ten·​cy kən-ˈsi-stən(t)-sē plural consistencies 1a : agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole : correspondence The furnishings and decorations in all the rooms reflect a consistency of style. specifically : ability to be...Continue reading

Jaylala – Heart and Soul Tantra

Get ready to be inspired as we welcome Janice, the visionary founder of Heart and Soul Tantra, to our podcast. With a profound passion for healthy sexual education, consent-based relationships, and sexual sovereignty for all genders, Janice has embarked on a transformative 12-year journey. Janice’s diverse background spans sales, administration,...Continue reading

Dr Energy & RaRa | Connections, Relationships & Loyalty

How do you connect with other businesses? Or other people? How do build relationships? Who is in your “circle of We?” Where and with whom are you loyal? In business? In your day-to-day life? In E85, Connections, Relationships & Loyalty, we share some stories of creating connections, building relationships and...Continue reading

Dr Energy & RaRa | The Tone of Change

How do you adapt with the winds of change in your life? How do you respond when life appears to turn upside down, or inside out? In E84, The Tone of Change, we share some stories of how we deal with how life changes, highlighting useful strategies and methods to...Continue reading

Howard Berg – Be Speedy

Howard “Speedy” Berg has been recognized for setting the world record for speed reading. He is listed in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records for reading more than 25,000 words a minute. Howard has appeared on over 1,100 radio and television programs including Neil Cavuto, Jon Stewart, and Live...

SJ Homer – HomerSapient

There are many interests and creative concepts SJ Homer desires to produce and share with the world, and HomerSapient is that vehicle. The idea for HomerSapient was a play on words of his notable (and bad ass) last name Homer, with the term Sapient denoting the wisdom he could capture...Continue reading

Olivia Crane – Be Social

Olivia never wanted to be an entrepreneur. She graduated from University with a Commerce degree and headed straight into corporate sales with the dream of working her way up the corporate ladder to CEO. With a short-lived 3 year 9-5 career her dream came true but not in the way...Continue reading

Mike Wolf | Freedom Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Mike Wolf is a self made freedom lifestyle entrepreneur, seasoned investor, and international speaker. He has been investing in real estate for almost 30 years and has been involved in several other entrepreneurial ventures. He is a regular contributor in the media with his extensive background in business, entrepreneurship, and...Continue reading