Welcome to B.U. Network Podcast

Welcome to B.U. Network Podcast – Conversations Worth Having.

What is B.U.? Simply put…Be yoU!

Joe “Dr Energy”, and Kathryn “RaRa” share and discuss what it means, and how to, Be yoU.

Join us - meet our guests – for conversations with relationship marketing specialists, marketers, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers/presenters, and more, to discover how to Be yoUr authentic self, and the Best yoU possible.

We are excited to Be with yoU!

Let’s talk!



Authors – Miriam Laundry

Miriam Laundry is a sought-after speaker at schools nationwide. She is the author of I CAN Believe in Myself, I CAN Make a Difference, and I CAN Be Me, and co-authored The Big, Bad Bully with Jack Canfield. She set a Guinness World Record on May 7, 2014 for the largest online book discussion in...

Authors – Dr Energy & RaRa

What could you create if you had a versatile, almost magical book that took all of your deepest dreams, goals, and ideas, and turned them into reality? What if this book not only had directions on how to do this, it also had space to write down those dreams, goals, and ideas? Join us this...Continue reading

Authors – Donna Sylvester

Welcome back to Season 2: Episode 8! This week we interview an amazing, passionate Network Marketing Professional, Donna Sylvester. Donna has written a book – “Deal Your Own Cards:  10 Skills to Build a Winning Hand” – to help new, and experienced, network marketing professionals create a successful business and team. Donna Sylvester is a...

Golden Love

The second in our Special Bonus Episode series! Bob & BettyAnn shared some incredible wisdom, hard won through 52 years, about relationships. And BettyAnn has a particular talent for creating amazing, deeply meaningful acronyms. Here is one for L.O.V.E. (you will want to listen to hear the explanation!). Life’s Only Valuable Emotion Bob & Betty...Continue reading

Authors – Ray Pons

“There is a long standing “rule” of real estate: “Location – Location – Location”. In the modern day world of business and leadership there is a lesser known “rule”: “Communication – Communication – Communication”. Lesser known yet equally important.” Think. Focus. Act. This is the foundation of Ray Pons’ Coaching Passport System. Ray’s expertise is...

Authors – Sunday Muse

“Ella is a Princess who dances and sings, running through the forest.” We had a ton of fun on BU Network Podcast with Sunday Muse! Sunday is the Founder/Creative Manager & Inspiratrice of Great Big Voices. She excels in helping people manifest their dreams into reality and communicate authentically to the world. She is a...Continue reading

Authors – Rebecca Cuevas

This week, www.B-U.Network Podcast proudly presents author and educator Rebecca Cuevas. “[Mother Rebecca reserves the right to take whatever liberties she likes with the space-time continuum…Mother Rebecca is prone to exaggeration and has been known to bend the ‘facts’ in the service of telling a story. Consider yourself warned.]” -Rebecca Frost Cuevas, “Hello World: Meet...Continue reading

Team Unbreakable

We are excited to announce the first of our Special Bonus Episodes! These episodes are ones that don’t fit in our usual categories or have a special meaning or significance to us. This first Special Bonus is a featured interview with Nils Blondon of Team Unbreakable. This organization focuses on physical activity as a way...Continue reading

Authors – Mary Grogan

“I am inspired by my clients who take the risk to reflect, evaluate  outdated paradigms and, integrate new insights into action plans for  change.” -Mary Grogan Dr. Mary Grogan is a passionate educator, counselor, and life/leadership coach who has spent a lifetime inspiring, and supporting diverse students, teachers, families, and a variety of professionals to...Continue reading

Authors – Rodrigo Diaz

“When you look at something impossible, in any area of your life, it’s not that you cannot do it; it’s just that you don’t know how…not yet, at least.” Born and raised in Mexico City, Rodrigo Diaz is now living in Canada. He has always been fascinated by the psychology behind magic.  Rodrigo is now...Continue reading