Rhonda Moffatt

There were early signs of Rhonda’s passion for work in the wellness field; cosmetology-related toys and activities in pre-school, in grade school and then her high school studies in wellness. It was the transitions of that work that fascinated her. The energetic shifts held her curiosity.  

They still do. 

Through three decades of part-time, then full-time study and practice she has learned to see energy, then to go with the flow.   

It is said that it takes 30 years to become an overnight success. In Rhonda’s life that statement has proven true: Her company and this book reached fruition exactly 30 years after discovering her affinity for the faculty of wellness.

Connect with Rhonda & The Energy Institute:

Website: The Energy Institute
Facebook: @EnergyInstitute
Twitter: @TheEnergyInst
Pintrest: @theenergyinstituteinc/boards
Instagram: @theenergyinstituteinc
LinkedIn: @the-energy-institute-inc-b5222815a

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