Sherry Brier

Sherry Brier is a lifelong successful entrepreneur who is passionate about inspiring women to reach their highest potential. She is founder and director of, the largest online video library of women’s wisdom to inspire, educate, and motivate. She is an inspirational speaker, female thought leader, international bestseller, and dance instructor, choreographer, company director and concert producer. As a No.1 best selling author she will be launched her latest book, DARING, DAZZLING, DIVINE: Secrets to Rock Your Life in the Fall 2020. She travels around the world to learn about the cultures, dances, and lives of women around the globe.

Sherry has also collaborated on two Amazon best-seller compilations, Ignite Your Life for Conscious Leaders and I Bared My Chest. As an anchor for Sibyl Magazine with a column, Living Your Magnificent Feminine Life, Sherry continuously inspires women to open new businesses, become professional dancers, and follow their dreams.

Her highly acclaimed message is simple, Be Daring, Be Dazzling, Be Divine. She inspires and encourages women and girls to allow themselves to be seen, heard, and become the heroes of their lives.

Connect with Sherry:
Fb: @sherry.brier.1; @women.rock.project
Tw: @WomenRockNews
IG: @womenrockproject
Pinterest: @womenrockproject

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