Steve Anderson – Go for the Gold!

Steve is a Husband and Father.


He has coached at 5 Olympic Games and is the first and only African American to Head Coach an Olympic volleyball team.  

With over 30 years’ experience coaching professional and Olympic athletes Steve acilades include; 2000 Olympic Gold Medal, 1996 Olympic Bronze Medal, 2018 Commonwealth Gold Medal, 6 World Championship Medals, 1990–2000 FIVB International Team of the Decade.  As Head Coach of Volleyball Canada’s Beach Volleyball program his teams won the 2019 World Championships, and became World Ranked #1.


As an entrepreneur Steve has owned several businesses including; Steve Anderson Gold Consulting, SandSport Events, EPOD Records, Moorish Restaurant, 3RDegree Dance Company, and Champions Toolbox Executive Coaching.  He has also co-founded three non-profit organizations; The Association of Beach Volleyball Coaches-USA, The African Scouts of Queensland-AUS (now Ekibin Scouts), and The Journey-CAN.


Steve’s expertise is building Holistic High Performance, developing champion leaders, creating winning team culture, peak performance under pressure, and building systems for sustainable excellence.


He is an Author (The Challenge Makes The Champion), Transformational Speaker and Social Change Champion.

Steve’s passion is contributing to world peace and unity by helping people discover and contribute their passion, purpose and gifts into the world. 


Connect with Steve:

Website: Steve Anderson Gold
Vimeo: Steve Anderson’s Champion Map
Linked In: Steve Anderson
Facebook: @SteveAndo1
Instagram: @SteveAndersonGold
YouTube: @M&MExplorers
In the news: Beach Metro Community News


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