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Tony Lombardo has worked as a professional photographer since 2001…at which time, he was also launching a career in professional comedy that took him and his sketch comedy troupe The Imponderables to Second City, Just For Laughs, across Canada, New York, Chicago and even a development deal with MTV in Los Angeles.

Since retiring from the comedy scene, his knack for short burst storytelling have never left, employing that skillset through social media..including several world-famous viral pieces that have been featured on Fox, Good Morning America and ever major Canadian news outlet.

When he isn’t shooting, he’s snowboarding, mountain biking or playing Dungeons & Dragons with his two little boysa. His wife Danielle is the other half of Little Blue Lemon Studio’s success over the past 12 years. Their love of storytelling proves “passion” is the key ingredient to any endeavour.

Connect with Tony:

IG: @LBLstudio

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