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Joe “Dr Energy” Piazza and Kathryn “RaRa” Asaro Mayers have always emphasized effective, practical, real life principles. We learn best when we experience and practice core principles. We offer immediate coaching and feedback on how to take your performance to the next level. B.U. Coaching enhances competency and instills confidence. Once you apply the B.U. principles, your behaviours become good habits and breakthrough performances result.

Join us and learn how to captivate your listeners’ attention and keep them spellbound throughout your presentation.

Whether you are presenting to one person, a small or large group, or an audience, if you’re not confident and powerful, your audience will miss your message. This could cost your audience’s trust, and your potential income.

While many people seem to be ‘naturals’ at speaking and presenting, these are skills you can learn, and when mastered, improve your business relationships, interpersonal communications, and negotiation skills.

You will feel more condident – clearly and concisely communicating your message – any time, any place, as a result of using what you now know!

Join us! Learn how to optimize your presentations and non-verbal communication, modulate your voice, and create effective visuals, resulting in healthy, impactful impressions that build your credibility, share your ideas, and enhance sales.

Join us and B.U. Be Bold. The Universe is listening.

Co-Founder, Co-CVO

Doctor of Chiropractic –

Dr. Joe, also known as “Dr Energy,” is a transplanted Torontonian who loves living in his nation’s capital – Ottawa.

Dr Joe has developed and expanded his keen interest in human behaviour, performance, and well-being for over 30 years.

From the young age of 14, working in his cousin’s grocery store, Joe realized that the 9-5 grind just wasn’t for him, and, combined with his earlier paper-route experience he began to develop and hone his entrepreneurial spirit. He cultivated his markets in personal fitness training, ski instructing/coaching, health care, lifestyle and business coaching, presenting and speaking, and Send Out Cards.

Dr. Joe is particularly passionate about Well-being, Personal Growth & Development, Speaking, Presenting, Teaching/Coaching, and Relationship Marketing. Since 2004, he has presented at more than 50 proprietary events, and more than 40 networking events on relationship marketing. Dr. Joe has taught and coached alpine skiing and ski racing for over 30 years.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Joe has many other passions; especially being the “cool uncle” for his nieces and nephew.

As a member of Toastmasters International, Dr. Joe has served The Court of Blarney Toastmasters Club in Newmarket, Ontario, as Vice-President of Membership and Vice-President of Education. He continues to contribute to and serve his new and current District 61 as the Chair – Club Coach Program, past Area 13 Director, and club – Percolators Breakfast Club, as President, and past Vice President – Membership, in Ottawa.

Co-Founder, Co-CVO

Executive, Send Out Cards –

VIP 2018;

RaRa is a New Yorker who loves everything about the Big City.

For over 3 decades RaRa has been living in Canada raising her family, then devoting her time to building an International Organization with Send Out Cards since 2009.

The Entrepreneur in Kathryn emerged at a very early age, it was all she could think about. So she went on to develop her market in Real Estate while living in New York. Then Psychology, Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle & Business Coaching while living in Montreal and New Business Development with THE BRIDGE, her Personal Growth Company and Send Out Cards since 2009.

Speaking, Presenting, Coaching, Team Building, Business Etiquette & Relationship Marketing are some of the roles RaRa is passionate about.

Some of the Businesses that have Kathryn’s personal participation and partnership from inception are Brooklyn Heights, THE BRIDGE, Gratitude Girls, B.U. Network (Presenting & Communication Platform) and her Send Out Cards-Team Gratitude.

Wife, Mother & RaRa is a big part of RaRa’s everyday life alongside her growing businesses in addition to serving as Arts Etobicoke – Board Member.

Rotarian at heart since August of 2014 RaRa currently serves her community in Toronto, with her heart in “Service Above Self”.

Kathryn is a former member of Toastmasters International and BNI: Business Network International.