Rani Glick – Grounding Wellness & Stress Management

Welcome to “Conversations Worth Having” on The BU Network. In this enlightening podcast episode, we’re joined by Rani Glick from Rani Glick Wellness. Join charismatic hosts Kathryn Asaro Mayers (RaRa) and Joe (DrEnergy) Piazza and dive into the depths of holistic health and alternative healing techniques.

Jump into the world of holistic wellness with Rani Glick on The BU Network’s latest podcast episode. Explore alternative healing, stress management techniques, and the mind-body connection. Listen now for transformative wellness insights!

Key Highlights:

  • Grounding Techniques with Rani Glick: Discover
    Rani’s unique approach to grounding, including why placing your feet on
    the wall can be transformative. Perfect for anyone exploring meditation
    and mindfulness practices.

  • Detox and Qigong: Learn how Qigong can detoxify your
    body and enhance your wellness journey, a must-listen for followers of
    traditional healing and alternative therapies.

  • Coping with Modern Stress: Rani sheds light on
    alternative ways to manage the chronic stress prevalent in today’s
    fast-paced world, offering insights invaluable for those seeking
    work-life balance and mental wellness.

  • Movement for Healing: Explore how specific movement
    patterns can address particular illnesses, a critical listen for anyone
    interested in physical therapy and holistic health.

  • Digestive Health and Self-Healing: Delve into
    natural ways to reduce digestive issues and support your body’s healing
    process, an essential topic for anyone following a wellness and
    nutrition-focused lifestyle.

  • Integrating Holistic Practices: Rani discusses the
    importance of integrating practices like yoga, tai chi, and somatic
    movement into daily routines, a key segment for enthusiasts of holistic

  • Understanding Stress Responses: Learn about the
    impact of chronic stress on our sympathetic and parasympathetic states, a
    fundamental discussion for those interested in psychology and mental

  • The Human Challenge in Stress Management: Uncover
    why humans often struggle to manage stress compared to animals, offering
    a unique perspective for anyone fascinated by human behavior and
    emotional wellness.

  • Emotional and Physical Health Connection: Explore
    the concept of carrying issues in our tissues, a compelling topic for
    followers of somatic therapy and emotional healing.

Join us on this journey with Rani Glick to uncover the secrets of holistic wellness and stress management. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone eager to embrace a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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Connect with Rani:

Web: raniglick.com

LI: @RaniGlick

IG: @raniglick

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